Expect To See These Changes In Your Daughter After She Begins Attending Catholic School

When you switch your daughter from public high school to an all-girls Catholic school, you're making this change with the hope that this new environment will not only affect her grades but also help her to prepare for the next step in her educational life. In the first weeks of the school year, you'll hopefully see some positive changes in your daughter. You may also see a shift in the way that she behaves around the house, and while some of these changes might catch you off guard, it's important for you to embrace them. [Read More]

5 Benefits That Smaller Boarding School Offers To Students

When considering educational options for your child, there are many available schools. While many students end up going to a traditional public school, there are also many private options available. Enrolling your child in a private boarding school may be a good solution for their needs and goals. Keep reading to better understand the many benefits that come with a small class size boarding school: More Individualized Attention Many public schools are now packed with students. [Read More]

Your Teen Is At The Top Of The Class -- Do They Still Need SAT Prep Courses?

If your teen is acing all of his or her classes, you may not think that extra preparation for the SAT is necessary. However, the stakes of performing well on the SAT are high: SAT scores are incredibly important for college admissions, as they are an excellent predictor of college success; many college admissions departments weigh them higher than your teen's GPA! What's the best way to ensure that your teen performs at his or her best on this crucial exam? [Read More]

Four Things Parents Should Know About Learning Disabilities When Choosing A School

Since public schools need to cater to a larger audience and move through material according to the school's learning schedule, kids with academic challenges often fall behind or struggle. While there are some accommodations available in most public schools, the services are often insufficient to really address the underlying problem. Smaller classes and more personalized learning in private schools can help, but you need to understand your child's learning challenges. Here are a few things you should know to help you find the right learning environment. [Read More]